We are celebrating over 80 years! We are pleased with the success we've had throughout the years and thrilled for what is yet to come. We couldn't have done it without you! Thank you for trusting us to partner with you as your consulting engineering and land surveying advisors.

January, 1938

Our Founder

Meet our founding father, Kenneth Miles Clark Sr! He worked out of his home with his wife on small consulting projects. After a few months, the workload was large enough to move his business out of his home. And the journey of Clark Engineering begins!

May, 1938

Andrus Building

Kenneth Clark moves his business out of his home at 3649 16th Ave. S. He is now listed as a consulting engineer and moves into the Andrus Building at 512 Nicollet Ave on the tenth floor, Suite 1012, Minneapolis, MN, 1938.

May, 1940

Midland Bank

Kenneth Clark moves out of the Andrus Building to 550 Midland Bank Building.

October, 1941

World War II

On October 1, 1941, Clark leaves and enlists to support the war. He will serve for the next four years in the navy as a captain.

July, 1946

Kline and Clark

Clark and former Mayor Marvin H. Kline start Kline and Clark. It appears that they are working out of Clark’s home at 5220 Drew Ave, Minneapolis, MN, 1946.

May, 1950

Sexton Building

By 1950, Kline and Clark Engineering Consultants are listed in the Sexton Building at 529 S. Seventh St. on the 5th floor, Suite 520, Minneapolis, MN.

June, 1956

K.M. Clark Engineering Company

Clark severs ties from Marvin Kline and changes the business name from Kline and Clark to K.M. Clark Engineering Company. In June 1956, K.M. Clark Engineering Company moves from the Sexton Building to 2815 Wayzata Blvd.,
Minneapolis, MN, 1956.

January, 1962


Clark, working with Patch & Erickson, engineers a few of the first Target Stores including Roseville, Fridley, and St. Louis Park stores.

January, 1966

Frank Frankosky

Frank Frankosky is named President after Kenneth Clark dies of pancreatic cancer.

January, 1969

First Post Tension Concrete Building

Project 10 - K.M. Clark Engineering Company engineers one of the first post tension concrete buildings in Minnesota. This project is a combination building which is half parking ramp and half district heating building.

January, 1970

Clark Engineering Company

The company’s legal name is changed from K.M. Clark Engineering Company to Clark Engineering Company.

May, 1971

Land Surveying

Clark Engineering Company now begins to offer the additional service of land surveying.

April, 1973


Clark engineers the Kare 11 studio and building.

June, 1971

Aberdeen Office Opens!

The desire for expansion into South Dakota leads to the addition of an Aberdeen, South Dakota office in June 1972. The first office is at 418 S. 2nd St.

September, 1974

Minnesota Zoo

CEC surveys the grounds for the MN Zoo. CEC provided a 300 acre topographic survey, as well as designed the storm sewer and water system. The project started in 1972 and was completed in 1978 at a cost of $42,000,000.

February, 1975

Riverfront Colliseum

CEC engineers the Riverfront Coliseum in Cincinnati, Ohio. This coliseum seats 16,000 people and costs $12,500,000. It was completed in 1975.

September, 1977


CEC engineers Bachman’s retail facility on Lyndale Ave. in Minneapolis, 1977.

June, 1980

M.A. Mortenson Building

CEC engineers the M.A. Mortenson Building.

March, 1980

Twin Cities Federal Building

CEC engineers the Twin Cities Federal Building (TCF), a 12 story tower built over a five story parking ramp. Total cost is $10,000,000 and it is completed in 1980.

April, 1981

Pandell M. Cici

Frank Frankosky retires and Pandeli M. Cici becomes president.

August, 1982

George A. Hormel Plant

CEC engineers George A. Hormel Plant in Austin, Minnesota. This 1,000,000 sq. ft. facility is engineered in six months and is completed in the summer of 1982.

April, 1985

Charles Hansen is Named President

Pandeli M. Cici retires and Charles Hansen becomes president.

November, 1990

Company to Corporation

CEC changes logo and company name and becomes a domestic corporation on November 26, 1990

May, 1993

Stillwater Area High School

Clark engineers the Stillwater Area High School. This is one of the first schools that features a horseshoe shaped design. Completed summer 1993.

June, 1996

Rainbow Bridge

Clark Engineers the new rainbow bridge while retaining the arch form of the historical original built in 1917.

November, 1996

Sioux Falls Office

Clark adds another office in Sioux Falls, SD at 1410 W. Russell St., Sioux Falls, SD in November, 1996.

September, 2002

Andover High School

Clark designs the new 238,000 square foot high school to accommodate the enrollment increases.

June, 1998

Larry McMurtry

Chuck Hansen retires and Larry McMurtry becomes president.

April, 1998

New logo!

May, 2009

Groton Aquatic Center

The City of Groton, SD, desired a new pool. Clark Engineering executes the coordination, utility design, site design, construction engineering, and testing services for the new pool. The pool features a new lap pool, zero-depth entry pool, small-scale water features for kids, and a 130-foot water slide.

September, 2005

Bloomington Care Center

The A/E team designed a three-story, post-tensioned concrete structure with two separate wings, a main connecting rotunda and underground parking that fit nicely on to the site and met necessary building and health code requirements.

June, 2007

Cory Casperson

Cory Casperson is named President after Larry retires.

May, 2009

Lincoln County Airport

Clark works on the redesign of Lincoln County Airport in Tea, South Dakota.

December, 2010

Metrodome Roof Collapse

Clark is a primary emergency responder at the Metrodome roof collapse, providing services including laser scanning, structural engineering, surveying ,and more.

September, 2012

Abi Assadi is named the new President

November, 2012

Resource, Recovery, & Renewable Energy (3RE)

Clark adds the Resource, Recovery, & Renewable Energy (3RE) department. The 3RE department focuses on converting liabilities into assets. They assist in finding solutions for a variety of environmental and health issues.

July, 2012

Clark Opens an office in Watertown, SD.

September, 2012


Clark creates a innovative, state-of-the art technology, the LeachBuster® that can treat a wide range of waste streams with high solids (up to 50 percent) without the need for prefiltration or staging.

September, 2014

Alexandria High School

Clark engineers the Alexandria High School and receives two awards:
Finance & Commerce Top Projects of 2014
2016 American Council of Engineering Companies of Minnesota Engineering Excellence Honor Award

June, 2015

New Logo!

November, 2015

Elm River Intake

Clark is hired to resolve issues with the water intake structure in Aberdeen, SD. Clark is awarded the American Society of Civil Engineers, South Dakota Eastern Branch, 2016 Outstanding Civil Engineering Achievement Award.

August, 2016

Grant Funding Awarded!

Clark helps South Dakota Clients secure grant funding. Clark is awarded the Preliminary Engineering Bridge Improvement Grants (BIG). The grant amount totals $1 million.

September, 2016

Kandiyohi County Landfill Leachate Treatment System Wins Awards

Clark Engineering wins the following awards:

Engineering News-Record 2016 Regional Best Project, Midwest Region – Water/Environment Category

Finance & Commerce Top Project of 2015

American Council of Engineering Companies of Minnesota, 2016 Engineering Excellence Grand Award

American Council of Engineering Companies of Minnesota, 2016 Engineering Excellence Grand Conceptor Award

March, 2017

Pierre, South Dakota

The Pierre, SD office opens!