We Are Clark.

Our engineering professionals are registered in 46 states and three Canadian provinces. We serve clients throughout the United States and internationally from our headquarters in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and locations in Aberdeen, Huron, Pierre, Sioux Falls, and Watertown, South Dakota.

We are engineers and so much more. We are planners, designers, innovators, scientists, creators, visualizers. What can Clark Engineering do for you?


We are committed to working with our clients to cultivate and deliver innovative solutions that enrich the communities we serve.


Devoted to providing superior engineering and advanced technical solutions for a better tomorrow.

Value Statement

Founded on the principles of teamwork, enthusiasm, integrity, and technical excellence, we continually strive to be a trusted partner with clients around the world.

We are Engineers

We create practical, economical, durable solutions that meet user needs and maximize the owner’s investment in project delivery and long-term maintenance.

We are Scientists

We protect the environment and help our clients maintain regulatory compliance through tailored solutions and rigorous attention to detail.

We are Innovators

One-of-a-kind structural solutions, forward-thinking stormwater management, next-generation technologies for water treatment and energy production. These are the kinds of innovations our talented staff delivers. What can we do for you?

We are Planners

We work to maximize your development’s long-term success and bottom line. Our specialists use the latest planning concepts, mapping tools, and best practices to take your project from concept to completion.

We are Restoration Specialists

Our restoration team can assess structures of any age and provide the necessary design for rehabilitation and restoration. We can handle everything from foundation to roof.

We are Visualizers

With talented engineers and scientists representing a wealth of technical disciplines, we work with clients to understand their desired outcome and develop the solutions to get them there.

We are Project Managers

The best designs cannot come to fruition outside of a well-managed project. Dedicated to helping clients attain their project goals, we manage schedules, budgets, and expectations to deliver quality every time.

We are Designers

Regardless of the type, our team is mindful of context, user needs, aesthetics, operation and maintenance requirements, and longevity on every project and thoughtfully incorporates those elements into the design.