Civil Engineering

The Root of Our Infrastructure

Civil engineering is at the heart of our firm. Clark Engineering has more than seven decades of successful civil engineering experience. We use the latest technology to provide economical, sustainable designs. Clients rely on us for quality project management, excellent communication, and outstanding client service, whether their project is a bridge design, road design, wastewater management, or transportation service. Our civil engineering technicians are second to none, with attention to detail and a collaborative approach to each project. We work with you from beginning to end to meet your goals.

GIS Mapping

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) combines aerial imagery and spatial information to create an interactive database. We use this tool to bring information from multiple sources together, through visual components. With GIS mapping, we bring high-quality deliverables to our civil engineering clients.

Water & Wastewater

Collecting, managing, and disposing of water and wastewater in an environmentally friendly manner is vital for local wellbeing. Clark’s expertise in analyzing existing systems and designing upgrades has a proven track record of success. Our expertise includes water systems modeling, facility planning, sanitary lagoon design, rate studies, regulatory permitting, and operations consulting.

Land Development

At Clark Engineering, we’re capable of a diverse range of land development projects, from large urban improvements to rural neighborhoods. Our goal is your development’s long-term success and bottom line. We incorporate all aspects of platting services and land use planning to provide useful concepts that fit your needs.


Clark Engineering’s transportation design services include city streets, urban highway sections, rural highways, bridges, airports, and railroads. In addition, we provide surveying, design services, bidding services, and construction engineering for new projects, as well as existing depressed infrastructure. Our team of experienced engineers provides solutions that meet city, state, and agency standards, while ensuring deliverables are on time and within budget. We are committed to connecting people and places in progressive ways.

Bridge Design and Inspection

We monitor and document areas of concern on your existing structures over time. Also, with our recommended service and maintenance, we can assist in maximizing the life of your bridge. Our expertise in bridge load ratings equips us to go the extra mile in ensuring the public’s safety. Finally, with our knowledge of bridge design, we are able to develop cost-effective, structurally sound, and aesthetically pleasing structures.

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Regulatory Assistance

Understanding government compliance can be complicated and time consuming. When you work with Clark Engineering, you can trust us to successfully manage your government agency interactions and handle all project paperwork. Our priority is your comfort and ease.

Sustainable Design

Clark Engineering is committed to reducing negative ecological impacts through skillful and thoughtful design services. We truly understand the need to minimize society’s impact on the environment by designing infrastructure that focuses on environmentally friendly materials and maintenance practices. Our goals are twofold – improving our clients’ bottom line and creating innovative and meaningful investments.

Watershed and Stormwater Management

We have the experience to analyze a watershed and determine the floodplain (or delineate a previously established FEMA floodplain) and its impact on the surrounding properties. Stormwater management involves evaluating stormwater runoff quantities and locations, ensuring that proposed development does not alter them significantly, and properly sizing drainage structures to convey the flow. Our experienced engineers design cost-effective stormwater management systems that meet these goals.

Bridge Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation projects can be complex, but offer cost savings compared to replacement. Therefore, it is in the owner’s best interest to have an experienced engineering team on their side to help them manage these important pieces of transportation infrastructure.

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Site Design

Clark has experience in providing site design engineering services for many area projects including parking lots, entrance drives, building, and utilities. These projects have consisted of completing topographic survey and developing final construction plans for site grading, erosion control, drainage, paving and utilities.

Signing and Delineation

Traffic signs play a key role in transportation. Ensuring their accuracy is vital to everyone’s safety. Clark Engineering provides road sign services for townships, municipalities, and counties. We follow the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD) and South Dakota Department of Transportation standards. Clark offers customized solutions for sign management such as GIS, Beacon, Dware, ESRI, TES and others.

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Bridge Hydraulics

Clark’s team designs box culverts, bridges, pipe culverts, and low crossings to properly carry water through and protect highways, waterways, and adjacent properties.

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Projects in Civil Engineering