Environmental Services

Creating a Sustainable Environment

Clark Engineering has been meeting our clients’ environmental objectives for more than 20 years. We understand the challenges and responsibilities related to protecting our environment. Our environmental experts provide an array of services that include jurisdictional determinations, wetland delineations, inspections, monitoring, permitting, and assessments. We listen to clients’ needs and implement a tailored solution to fit each situation.

Wetland Assessment

When appraising the functional value of a wetland, performing a correct and complete assessment is vital in order to ensure regulatory compliance. We understand the significance of this assessment and will ensure its accuracy and thoroughness.

Jurisdictional Determination

Jurisdictional Determination is the process of defining whether a wetland is considered waters of the US, as defined by the Corps of Engineers. Clark’s extensive background in working with the Corps will ensure a smooth and easy process.

Wetland Delineation

When it comes to determining the boundaries of a wetland, Clark Engineering relies on its detailed and collaborative team of environmental specialists and tech support. We strive to delineate your wetland accurately and in a cost-effective manner.

Wetland Mitigation

Protecting the environment is important to our team. We understand the requirements of a successfully constructed wetland. Our top priority is preserving and enhancing the functionality of each mitigation while preventing negative impacts to our ecosystem.

Wetland Management

With 20 years of experience in analyzing and inspecting wetlands, we have the knowledge to ensure your wetland meets performance standards. Our processes are designed to save time and money for our clients. We use innovative field analysis and impact assessment methods to ensure compliance.

Wetland Banking

With experience in wetland functional assessment, delineation, wetland bank design, and management, Clark’s clients have access to experts within one firm who can guide them through the wetland banking process.

Fish Seining

Clark Engineering is approved by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s South Dakota Ecological Services Field Office to conduct fish seining. Our on-staff biologist has completed fish seining for numerous bridge and pipeline projects in eastern South Dakota.

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Environmental Monitoring

Stormwater management and erosion control are important elements of any construction project. Clark’s team of certified erosion and sediment control professionals and inspectors has designed and inspected projects ranging in size from a one-acre site to a 70-mile transmission line.

Floodplain Management

Clark Engineering’s floodplain work supports our clients’ goals of maintaining the integrity and safety of infrastructure and personal property. Services include modeling streams or rivers to establish a 100-year floodplain or floodway where none exists, and re-modeling to better represent current conditions or the effects of mitigation projects.

Projects in Environmental Services