Land Surveying

Every Point Counts.

Clark Engineering has provided surveying services across the United States since 1971. Whether you need to investigate and develop a site, obtain a building permit, acquire title insurance, or resolve a boundary line dispute, our team is prepared to work with you through any challenge. With our cutting-edge technology and premium software, we use robotic total stations and Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS/GPS) equipment to perform high-quality surveys.

Boundary Surveys

Our professional surveyors and technical staff have decades of experience performing boundary surveys, analyzing complex legal descriptions, and applying the principles and practices of boundary law to all of our surveys. Clark can help if you’re planning a real estate transaction, constructing a fence, creating a new property line, need a building permit, or simply want the peace of mind of knowing where your boundary lines are located

Right of Way Surveys

Temporary or permanent easements are often required for the construction of public works projects. In some cases, a total taking of a property is required. Clark gathers the necessary information and draws accurate maps or plats of the property to be acquired. We work with property owners to ensure they understand the project need and the acquisition process. Clark’s staff is known for fostering respectful relationships with landowners to smooth the right of way acquisition process.

Engineering and Architectural Design Surveys

Design surveys are an important part of any building or infrastructure project. Clark Engineering’s surveyors have extensive experience completing topographic surveys and maps that contain essential geospatial information used in planning, designing, constructing, and maintaining a wide range of projects. These include transportation and other public works infrastructure, as well as site improvements for construction or modification of buildings. Surveys can be done inside aging buildings to document existing conditions and assist the owner in their asset management efforts.

ALTA/NSPS Land Title Surveys

It is important to hire a professional surveyor to conduct an American Land Title Association/National Society of Professional Surveyors (ALTA/NSPS) Land Title Survey when you are planning a commercial real estate transaction. Clark Engineering has extensive experience providing ALTA surveys. We focus on providing a highly detailed survey and work in conjunction with your title company and lender. We also provide a thorough property inspection, which may discover encroachments, prescriptive easements, or other matters not evidenced by the public records.

Subdivision/Condominium Platting

As communities develop or owners wish to divide their land into smaller parcels, Clark’s surveying team collects the geospatial information needed to draw accurate maps to enable the sale of the smaller parcels. The plats show important information such as the location of significant natural features and existing utilities, schools and other public uses, wetlands, and other pertinent items.

Construction Surveying

Contractors need accurate reference points and markers to complete their activities on a project site. Clark’s surveying staff brings extensive experience in construction staking. We are known for our strong focus on accuracy and commitment to open communication with the contractor and the owner, which can help streamline construction and minimize the need for adjustments in the field.

Projects in Land Surveying