Resource Recovery and Renewable Energy

Innovation Converts Liabilities into Valuable Assets

As a multi-discipline firm, Clark naturally gravitated toward renewable energy, waste management, and resource recovery. Our team solves clients’ challenges by developing innovative technologies and solutions for recovering resources and converting liabilities into valuable assets. Our expertise encompasses recovering and reusing water from polluted effluents; converting organic material into energy, clean water, and fertilizer; and heat recycling and energy savings.

Water/Wastewater Quantification

Through a water use assessment, Clark Engineering’s 3RE team can establish wastewater mapping, water- and wastewater-related energy use, and flow rates, and collect the necessary samples for data processing and inferring.

Technology Recommendation and Selection

Based on a water use assessment and the client’s ultimate objective, Clark Engineering’s team can obtain design criteria, perform a technology review and evaluation, and recommend suitable technologies for each source along with the best overall technology in terms of cost, technical performance, ease of operation and availability.

Technology Solution Engineering

Based on the technology selection, Clark Engineering can prepare engineering drawings, process flow diagrams (PFDs), and related drawings with refined cost estimate and risk analysis.

Regulatory Compliance

Clark Engineering’s 3RE team coordinates with appropriate regulatory entities to verify permitting and regulatory requirements. They also assist with local permit application processes, National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit review, and necessary modifications and environmental impact studies.

Solar Energy

Our alternate energy offerings use our engineering and project management capabilities for the development of solar energy generation systems. This technology can be implemented at costs that are comparable to carbon-based energy generation systems, with the added benefit of eliminating the need for electrical transmission and environmental abatement technologies. All energy produced in this manner has zero environmental consequences and makes use of plentiful renewable solar energy to effect energy efficiencies and real environmental change.

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