Structural Engineering

Support From the Bottom Up

Clark Engineering is one the first consulting engineering firms in Minnesota providing structural and civil engineering services. By listening and responding to our clients, we have earned a reputation as problem solvers who understand the value of service. As industry experts, Clark excels at creating practical plans that are understood by contractors. Our talented, experienced engineers also work side by side with facility managers, subcontractors, architects, and other professionals during the design and construction of structures. We focus our design on quality, strength, safety, constructability, and cost-effectiveness.

Design of New Structures, Additions, and Retrofits

From the complexity of power plant infrastructure support, to the research and development of a new product design, to the austerity of a K-12 school or institutional facility, our team of talented engineers, technicians, and project managers collaborates with owners and project delivery partners on all levels to ensure the desired outcome is achieved. New structures, additions, and renovations/retrofits must all be addressed in a unique fashion; our team has the depth and breadth to address each unique design accordingly.

Complex Structural Analysis

Understanding how the intricate parts of a structure interrelate and how a neighboring construction project or building, including adjacent tenant activities, could impact the critical activities of your business are all challenges addressed by our team in complex structural analysis. In engineering terms, these activities equate to vibration and shock wave analysis, seismic analysis, thermal analysis, and finite element analysis.

Restoration and Renovation – Structural Evaluation and Design

Our restoration team provides top to bottom structural assessments and rehabilitation of your existing structure. Our services include condition studies, structural analysis, pre-acquisition assessments, and cost/benefit analysis. With extensive experience with construction materials and structural systems from the early 1900s to the present, our team understands the variety of challenges in a restoration/renovation project. Utilizing our in-house expertise, Clark provides cost-effective results while restoring function and structural and architectural integrity. Our experience in restoration and renovation is varied and encompasses building envelope, including windows and roofs, hoppers, silos and bins, parking ramps, overall building restoration, tunnels and other unique structures, whether historical or newly constructed.

Failure Analysis and Forensic Engineering

In the event of a structural failure due to fire, explosion, or natural or man-made disasters, our team offers professional expertise in field investigations and evaluations, including engineering analysis and reports on the incident. Our professionals have expert witness experience and can support your case in expert testimony situations.

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Emergency Response

In the chaos of emergency scenes, our trained and certified technical emergency responders can offer valued assistance. From determining the structural threats, including outlining potentially unstable structural conditions, to defining hazard zones, to planning site entry and providing counsel on continued structural monitoring, our emergency response team is a crucial part of an emergency site team providing essential technical knowledge.

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Blast-/Explosion-Resistant Structures

Whether a sensitive government building, a mission critical center, an explosion bunker, reactor site, or a chemical mixing vessel, our team has the design expertise to support your infrastructure’s blast/explosion needs. We have unique experience in solvent handling and “red label rooms” with pressure relief panels, and pressure intensity and deflagration analysis with particular attention to shockwave structural enhancement of buildings to resist accidental blast/explosive forces.

Pre-Disaster Services

Catastrophic events are never intended or planned but the nature of some work is prone to disasters around fire, explosions, impacts, and other catastrophic events. Our team of experts trained for emergency response events has experience witnessing and analyzing structural failures from these types of catastrophic events. We can provide unique insight as to how structures behave under extreme events. Armed with this knowledge, our team can provide a cursory evaluation of your facility’s current structural conditions and recommend preventive measures and courses of action to reduce the potential structural hazards from these events while reducing danger to occupants.

Parking Ramps

Parking ramps are integral components of most campuses regardless of the industry. A poorly designed parking ramp can lead to years of challenges. Our team understands the various parking ramp structural types and the pros and cons associated with each. There are critical structural design considerations inherent in all parking structures; we offer the skills necessary to support building owners in navigating the decisions with a thorough design that addresses all the concerns associated with a parking ramp design.

Product Development

Our team has a wide variety of experience in structural analysis and design, providing research and development of products for manufacturers, owners, and inventors. We understand confidential information and confidential agreements and pride ourselves on our ethical behavior. We can provide full design or design assistance based on your product’s specification requirements. Our team has experience in building codes, in the US and internationally, and other specifications such as API and ASME.

Plate and Shell Structures

Experienced consideration for design must be employed when dealing with unique structures such as silos, bins and hoppers, steel, concrete and FRP stacks, kilns, coolers and auger shafts, as well as pressure vessels and storage tanks. Our team has experience in these areas and more related to plate and shell structures. We can support your structural engineering needs with analysis or design, depending on the situation.

Legal Case Work

Clark’s structural engineers have provided expert legal opinions, depositions, and testimony to inform others and support their opinions. Our emergency response and forensic engineering experience provides a clear understanding of why and how things have failed. Our experienced staff members have served as expert witnesses on a variety of cases requiring structural engineering expertise, including work for plaintiffs and defense.

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Insurance Case Support

Clark’s diverse experience in structural engineering, forensic analysis, legal case work, emergency response cases, and insurance cases is uniquely appropriate for assisting with insurance cases.

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Projects in Structural Engineering