Bridge Rehabilitation

A transportation system is only as good as its weakest link. When a bridge suffers deterioration or damage, or structure sufficiency of the load rating need to be raised, skillful rehabilitation can get it back into service and extend its useful life. Bridge rehabilitation can include widening, replacement, or overlay of the bridge deck, along with repairs or retrofit of railings and substructure.


Clark Engineering provides bridge inspection services for a number of city and county clients. One important goal of these inspections is to monitor bridges over time and assist the owner in developing a management system for repair or replacement. Rehabilitation projects can be complex, but offer cost savings compared to replacement. Therefore, it is in the owner’s best interest to have an experienced engineering team on their side to help them manage these important pieces of transportation infrastructure.

In addition to designing repairs for the bridge itself, our team also provides expertise for infrastructure around the bridge, such as site planning, native plant restoration, wetland mitigation, sustainable design, and stormwater management.

Proven Expertise

  • Bridge Rail Impact Repair
  • Low Slump Dense Concrete (LSDC) Overlays
  • Bridge Deck Polymer Chip Seals
  • Concrete Column Repair
  • Rail Retrofit
  • Approach Slab Replacements
  • Girder Repainting
  • Channel Cleanout
  • Steel Girder Repair